Notes from Our Inbox
Mar 1, 2018
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Each month Leading The Way receives encouraging testimonies from all over the world. Just as they are a tremendous encouragement to our team, we hope that their words will be an inspiration to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.

I need your prayers to be able to love others unconditionally.


"With all the confusion that is going on, your teachings have kept me on par with the Truth. I am able to refute and challenge teachings that are not in alignment with the unadulterated Word. Though there is a fine line between Truth and error, I can differentiate between them. I thank God for your ministry."


"I wanted to say thank you for being committed to proclaiming the uncompromised Truth of Jesus Christ. I greatly appreciate being able to listen to your messages when I am on the bus to university and at night during my devotional time."

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"I came to know Christ through your programs. God bless you."


"For some time, my husband and I have grown apart. I confess on my end I have held on to bitterness, resentments, and anger . . . the Devil had a stronghold in my life and I have allowed it. But God is stronger and mighty are His ways! I'm now listening to Dr. Youssef's new series on marriage and I am so thankful for God's intervention. Thank you, Dr. Youssef, for your commitment to God and His calling for you!"


"I heard Dr. Michael Youssef's message about loving your enemies. I felt conflicted in my heart. I need your prayers to be able to love others unconditionally."