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Forever Changed: How God Used an Unforeseen Year
Jun 2, 2021
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God used an unforeseen year to change our ministry for the better.

In 2020, the world as we knew it changed forever—and so did our ministry together.


It happens at just the right time. A young man searching for Truth sees a commercial from Dr. Youssef about finding true peace in Christ. A woman in Nigeria gives her life to Jesus after seeing one of Leading The Way's LIVE online church services. An entire Albanian community hears a Gospel message from Dr. Youssef echo down the streets while on lockdown.

In 2020, the world as we knew it changed forever—and so did our ministry together. Through your partnership, Leading The Way adapted to meet the growing spiritual needs in our nation and world—and God reached more people through the ministry than ever before. In fact, without the pandemic, these stories probably would not have happened.

Over the last year, record numbers of people:

  • Watched Dr. Youssef's television programs
  • Visited our evangelistic website in search of answers
  • Viewed our online church services
  • Prayed for revival through our Awake America prayer movement
  • Received ministry through our pastoral care team
  • Reached out to give their lives to Christ

Each day, through your support, the Gospel is resurrecting dead souls and uplifting the downtrodden:

"During this time of unrest, I have chosen to devote my life to Christ." – Michael, USA

"I cannot wait to get baptized." – F., Lebanon

"I submitted my life to Christ today." – Andria, USA

"I am a Muslim seeking Christ. Can you please help me?" Y., Egypt

"Our church has compromised the Gospel. Your preaching helps us." – Carolyn, Australia

"Please pray. I want to be free from witchcraft." – Nahrain, Sweden

The momentum is building—and Dr. Youssef is pressing on to reach more people with the Gospel than ever before through our strategic Vision 2025 initiatives. As we expand every area of ministry, we need your ongoing support to:

➔ Broadcast on new stations
➔ Expand our outreach to Muslims
➔ Distribute new Navigators to unreached peoples
➔ Air more evangelistic commercials on secular stations
➔ Grow our field teams as they lead more people to Christ

Will you join us on the frontlines of this crucial ministry through our June Gift Challenge?

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and partnership. God is using you to awaken the lost, strengthen believers, and advance His Kingdom around the world.

Your partnership helps us bring hope to a lost world.