Evangelistic Celebrations


November 3, 2023


On November 3, 2023, on the heels of Leading The Way's 35th anniversary of ministry, Dr. Youssef will return to Egypt, the country of his birth, for one of the most important trips he will ever make there.

Nearly 18 months of praying, planning, and training and mobilizing local churches will culminate in a powerful evening of preaching with Dr. Youssef at a 10,000-seat outdoor venue in the heart of Egypt. In addition, Dr. Youssef’s message will also be broadcast LIVE throughout the Middle East on Leading The Way’s KINGDOM SAT channel, and will stream globally on Leading The Way’s digital platforms.

In a region where Christians face extreme restrictions, where large religious gatherings must either be approved by the government or held in private spaces, this is an unprecedented opportunity to proclaim the Gospel!

Watch as Dr. Youssef shares about the significance of this city-wide outreach.


“In a country where Christians face extreme restrictions, this access to openly share the Gospel is a gift that could only come from the Lord.”



Egypt is 95 percent Muslim. Churches face religious restrictions and resource limitations. And yet, the spiritual hunger is great. Muslims are coming to Christ daily through the programs on our 24/7 KINGDOM SAT television channel and the work of our Field Teams. God has called us to Egypt now while the window is open.

Please take a moment to pray with us for this strategic outreach in the Middle East. Our prayer is that God will:
  • Draw the lost to Christ, including Muslims who have never heard the true Gospel.
  • Protect and prepare Dr. Youssef, ministry personnel, and all attendees.
  • Grant favor with government officials to ensure a safe and smooth event.
  • Facilitate an effective broadcast without technological issues or interference.
  • Encourage Egyptian believers as they face opposition, both in their daily lives and also as they prepare for the Celebration.
Thank you for your prayers and partnership as we walk through this open door God is giving us!
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