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Rebuilding our broken walls

Our Approach

As many in the Western church have moved away from Biblical Truth, Leading The Way has been a light in the harbor for many beleaguered Christians desperate to find others who have remained faithful to God’s Word.

Leading The Way is strategically positioned to be a powerful voice of Truth in North America for such a time as this. At this critical moment in history, we are hard at work proclaiming the Good News of Jesus through radio, television, and digital platforms. We are actively sharing the uncompromised Truth of Christ, and we are calling the church to stand on Biblical Truth.

While political correctness and universalism create an open door for false ideologies like Islam to take root in our culture, Leading The Way is committed to promoting Biblical literacy and transforming a generation of consumers into disciples of Jesus Christ. Through Dr. Youssef’s unique background, Leading The Way is equipping Christians here at home to understand the times and know how God is calling them to respond to the challenges of our day.
The walls of our nation are crumbling. The gates of our culture are burnt and destroyed. But it’s a great time in history to be a Bible-believing Christian. We have an amazing opportunity to see the hand of God work more powerfully than ever before.

Dr. Michael Youssef


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