Episode 216: Should Christians Be Concerned About Artificial Intelligence?: Dr. Kristen Davis

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows exponentially in its capabilities, we find ourselves grappling with profound questions about consciousness, morality, and the very nature of existence.  

Dr. Kristen Davis joins Jonathan to discuss AI and how it should be viewed from a Christian perspective. Dr. Davis is a powerhouse in both apologetics and advanced technology. She completed her doctorate dissertation on Christianity and Artificial Intelligence – dispelling the myth that AI would one day disprove the existence of God.  

She is the founder of Doubtless Faith Ministries and speaks internationally. She is also the Senior Manager of Systems Integration for a financial tech company, where she leads an international team of software developers. 

Join Jonathan and Dr. Davis for an enlightening conversation to explore the intriguing intersection of AI and Christianity, delving into the challenges and opportunities with AI for Christianity. 

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