Episode 217: Gen Z's Real Faith Questions: David Robertson

What are the questions you wrestle with in life? We all have that innate desire to ask questions, seek answers, and engage in conversations that challenge our thinking.

In today’s Candid Conversation, Jonathan gets helpful answers to some hard questions as David Robertson answers tough questions, and makes theology accessible to everyone.

David is not just an apologist, minister, author, and blogger, he is a bridge between questions and answers, doubt, and belief. With books like The Dawkins Letters and A.S.K: Real World Questions/Real Word Answers, and his recent release, SEEK: More Real World Questions, More Real World Answers,, David is a beacon for those seeking answers – especially those in Gen Z. 

So, whether you're here searching for the answer to a nagging question or are seeking a deeper connection with God, listen to this conversation for a candid exploration of life's intriguing questions.

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