Episode 132: Jonathan Youssef Answers Your Questions (Restream)

We love receiving your questions at Candid Conversations. We want to help you navigate the hard questions of the Christian faith. We all have questions about Christianity, so let’s dive in and answer them together.

On today's episode of Candid, Jonathan takes a few minutes to unpack answers to your recent questions, including: 

  • Why would God create us knowing we would fall and suffer?
  • How could a loving God send anyone to hell?
  • What should I do to encourage someone who had a bad experience in church?
  • Do I need to keep asking God to forgive my sins?
  • How much theological training do I need for ministry?

We also want to offer the following resources for additional insight. Take a few minutes to review these links after you listen to this episode.

Understanding Suffering in Light of the Gospel

Why Did God Allow the Fall?

Heaven Is for Real—and Hell Is, Too

Four Things to Look for in a Church

Forgiveness & Confession

Is Seminary Really Necessary?

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