Episode 145: Christ and Culture: Jonathan Youssef, Zack Carden, and Jeff Falkowski

Modern culture rarely agrees with the Biblical Christian worldview. As Christians, how do we engage with the culture around us? Jobs, politics, raising children, the entertainment industry, and the news challenge us daily. Should we ignore and isolate away from the culture or do we engage with it?  To what degree should we engage? And, if necessary, how do we confront the culture?

Join Jonathan as he welcomes Zack Carden and Jeff Falkowski to Candid Conversations for an in-depth discussion of these hard questions that Christians must wrestle with. Together, they discuss "Christ and Culture" by Richard Niebuhr.  

Richard Niebuhr, an ethics professor from Yale Divinity School wrote a book in 1951 entitled “Christ and Culture." He describes five models of how Christians engage with culture. The book has been massively successful for over 70 years and has helped countless Christians understand how the Christian life has been lived out in culture over many years.

Jeff Falkowski and Zack Carden are both pastors who work alongside Jonathan at The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, GA. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Bethel Seminary. He is the director of Young Families and Discipleship at The Church of The Apostles. He and his wife Gwen have three grown children.  

Zack is a graduate of University of Tennessee Chattanooga and Covenant Seminary. He and his wife Tennyson have four children.

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