Episode 165: Different Covenant, Same God: Jonathan Youssef

Should Christians throw out the Old Testament, claiming its teaching is no longer relevant because of Christ's finished work on the cross? What exactly changed after the Crucifixion and Resurrection? Did God change? Is He a God of wrath or mercy?

Join Jonathan as he shares the importance of the Bible as a whole and the cohesive, overarching narrative that spans both the Old and New Testaments. He also shines light on how the Old and New Testaments complement rather than contradict each other. The entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God's Word to us, communicating His character and revealing His Son. Every portion of Scripture points to Christ as our Redeemer.

We hope this episode encourages you to embrace the totality of Scripture so you do not miss out on the beauty and fullness of God revealed in His Word.

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