Episode 182: Does Science Support Faith in God?: Dr. Michael Guillen

God is in the details. Discoveries in neuroscience, physics, astronomy, and mathematics point to one Creator. Still, most modern scientists would disagree. Why? Is it possible for our worldview to be consistent with both God AND modern science?

Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Guillen. He is an esteemed teacher, best-selling author, Emmy award-winning journalist, public speaker, scientist, former ABC News Science Editor, and a former physics instructor at Harvard University. 

Michael had no concern for God until he began to look at all religions. Eventually, he was challenged to read the Bible. What he found in the New Testament was different from every other philosophy he'd encountered. Digging deeper, he also found no conflict between science and the Christian faith; in fact, he found science to be on the side of the Christian faith. 

Pulling back the curtain of science and faith, Dr. Michael Guillen shares his journey of Christ with us.

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