Episode 192: Where Is God in Infertility?: Kara Duncan

Join Jonathan for this insightful podcast episode as he talks with Kara Duncan, author of "Love Always Wins: One Couple's Story of Infertility, Adoption, and a Faithful God," about navigating the journey of infertility while keeping faith in God. Despite the challenges and pain of waiting, Kara shares how she and her husband found God's gracious plan for their family. 

Delve into the tension of fulfilling God's command to be fruitful while experiencing physical limitations. You will learn how to access the comfort that comes from God's presence in times of suffering. Kara also offers valuable advice on supporting couples going through infertility, sharing what to say and what not to say.

Please listen and then share this episode with friends and family who may be struggling today.

Get your copy of Kara's book today.  Love Always Wins: One Couple’s Story of Infertility, Adoption and a Faithful God.

To follow Kara's journey, Kara's Website.

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