Episode 57: Dr. Michael Youssef: Living for Treasure That Lasts

Jonathan welcomes his father, Dr. Michael Youssef, back to Candid Conversations to discuss his new book, Treasure that Lasts: Trading Privilege, Pleasure, and Power for What Really Matters.

Daily, we are surrounded by the temptation to glorify ourselves. We post carefully curated selfies on Instagram, chase money and pleasure, and live the "image is everything" lifestyle. We've created a culture of envy, emptiness, and depression. Even the church has bought into worldly values of wealth and status. God put us on this earth not to seek our own glory but to shine the light of his glory on a dying world.

During today's candid conversation, Dr. Youssef shares from the life of Moses the importance of living for God's glory instead of the world's gold.  Listen today and discover the best place to invest your time, talent, and treasure.

If you would like to receive a copy of Treasure That Lasts, it is available now for your gift of any amount to the ministry of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef.  

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