Episode 69: Aimee Miller: God Be Praised

Can we say that God is good all the time regardless our circumstances? Is God still good and worthy of praise when we are in the valley?

This week, we wrap up our conversations with the Apostles' worship team. Today, Aimee Miller joins Jonathan Youssef for a Candid Conversation to introduce her song,  "God Be Praised," the final song in the Apostles Worship series.

Aimee is a singer-songwriter hailing from worship roots in Athens, GA before joining the Apostles' team where she shares her heart of praise and musical talent weekly. "God Be Praised" is the the perfect bookend in this Apostles Worship series, music written for the church.

Be encouraged to worship our Lord in this Christmas season regardless of your circumstances because He is worthy of our praise.

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God Be Praised

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