Episode 9: David Jensen - Keys to Sharing Christ in Any Culture

Jonathan Youssef and Dave Jensen discuss the opportunities and challenges of sharing Christ in both Christian and post-Christian cultures. With warmth and candor, Dave shares his transformation from carousing rebel to passionate evangelist for Christ. This episode both encourages and equips Christ followers to share the reason for their hope in Christ.

Dave Jensen grew up in a Christian home but he didn't follow Christ. As a young man, he went down every dead end road available in an attempt to find meaning and satisfaction in life. By 28 years old, he had pursued every road and found the end of all of them to be horrific.

He was in great despair until someone explained who Jesus was and what Jesus did. Although he had heard it many times before, Dave says, "In that moment, God revealed to me that Jesus Christ died for sinners, of which I was the worst. And so I became a Christian. I repented and put my faith in Jesus."

Unable to contain his new faith, he began telling everyone he knew about Jesus. Over the past ten years, he has shared Christ and ministered to young people in both Sydney, Australia and Belfast, Ireland—contextualizing but never compromising the Truth of God. In this episode of Candid, Dave shares how you can be an effective witness for Christ no matter where the Lord places you.

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