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Jesus is Our Mighty God

Sometimes we become so focused on the humanity of Jesus that we forget His all-powerful divinity. Yet, Jesus is the very God through whom all creation was made. In today’s devotional, Dr. Michael Youssef shows us that even as a helpless baby, Jesus was Almighty God. 

If you would like more insight into today’s devotional topic, watch or listen to Dr. Michael Youssef’s sermon Jesus the Only, Part 2LISTEN NOWWATCH NOW

As you celebrate Christ’s first coming at Christmas, infuse your traditions with new ways to remember His promise of redemption—and prepare for His ultimate return.

In Preparing for the King, a vibrant 20-page Advent booklet featuring a special 4-part devotional, Dr. Michael Youssef emphasizes God’s faithfulness to send a Savior and the striking Scriptural comparisons between Christ’s first and second coming. Reflect on eye-opening Scriptures that point to Jesus as the one and only Savior foreshadowed for thousands of years—and be encouraged to prepare for the King not just at Christmas, but in your everyday life. Order your copy today!

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