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Springs in the Desert
Feb 19, 2015

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Two days—that's how long it took Leading The Way's follow-up coordinator Basheer* to reach Ahmed*, the first known Muslim convert from the Tuareg tribe, in a desert village in Algeria.

Just months before, Ahmed had turned on the TV and stumbled upon the Bible teachings of Leading The Way's 24/7 satellite television channel, THE KINGDOM SAT. Peace, rest, spiritual transformation—the things they spoke of, Ahmed longed for. The more he heard the name Jesus Christ in the program, the more he began to wonder, "Is this Jesus the right way to God?" And the more he watched the channel, the more the emptiness within his heart became apparent.

"Imagine the support and help you would need as the first Christ-follower in a churchless desert town."

a vast distance

Ahmed needed someone to talk to. After a friend advised him to stop watching the channel, he decided to call the channel's follow-up team directly with his questions. With no access to Bibles, churches, or other believers, Ahmed knew this was his only option.

On the other end of the phone was Basheer, who traveled the long journey to meet with Ahmed in the middle of the desert—all to tell him more about Christ. And in March 2015, our team rejoiced after hearing this report: "Ahmed declared with his mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,' and believed in his heart that God raised him from the dead. Please pray for his protection and for all those he is sharing the Gospel with."

As the first known Christ-follower in his tribe, Ahmed has his work cut out for him—but his passion for Christ sustains him. "Ahmed wants more than anything else to serve the Lord among his people," our team reports. "His wish came true for there are four people in his area seeking the Lord. . . . This will be the first church of five members placed in the Algerian desert."
Basheer continues to disciple Ahmed through Skype calls, and our team has provided him with the resources he needs for the challenges ahead. "He has to mature in the Lord quickly," our team reports, "for he is the first known Christ-follower in the desert."

A vast mission field

Missionary sources like Operation World and the Joshua Project report that Algeria's Christian population is less than a third of a percent—with a reported zero percent Christian population among the Tuareg people. Imagine the support and help you would need as the first Christ-follower in a churchless desert town. Through Leading The Way, the Word of God is not only broadcasted globally, but also stewarded through personal discipleship—and multiplied as our follow-up teams coordinate Bible study groups and help plant churches.

For this small church of five people, the mission field is overwhelming—but by God's grace and through your support, the Living Water will continue to go forth into spiritually dry places.

Your gifts to Leading The Way enable us to share Gospel Truth with the Muslim world through global broadcasts and personal discipleship. Will you consider a generous gift today to help us continue this work?

*Names have been changed to protect their security.