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From the Frontlines: In the Footsteps of the Early Church
Sep 14, 2016
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By Ash, Leading The Way's North American Arabic Follow-up Coordinator

Imagine small groups of new Christians meeting quietly in their homes. Imagine the tension of living under the Romans, who were suspicious that this new movement called Christianity was really just a plot to overthrow the government. Imagine the animosity these new believers faced from the Jewish community, who felt betrayed by their conversion. Imagine the sense of family among the early church.

For former Muslims who come to Christ, this description of the early church is startlingly familiar—from the quiet house meetings to the persecution to the comfort of finding a new family in Christ. Through your support, we are coming alongside them.

In the Muslim world, the Biblical church model found in Acts is the approach Leading The Way follows in its discipleship efforts. As our teaching programs go out over the airwaves, we are not only discipling individuals who contact us to learn more about Christ—we are also mobilizing home churches on the ground. In places where traditional churches do not exist, we spend many hours traveling to meet new Christians and connect them with other believers in their area so that the church can grow.

This ministry work is not just about making converts; it’s about making disciples. Those who come to Christ are the fruit of our ministry, and we want to help them grow and be steady in their faith. We want to be clear with them about what they are going to face as Christians in a hostile environment—and our programs, personal follow-up, and practical help are their training ground.

Be encouraged. Just as the church grew in the days of Acts, so it is growing today.