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Navigators: The Most Joyful Moment
Oct 23, 2016
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The most joyful moment

For each Navigator distributed, roughly 10 people have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Imagine being blind, illiterate, isolated in a rural village or closed country, unexpectedly displaced by war, or persecuted and confined to your home—no Bible, no churches, no community of believers. Then imagine receiving a Bible you could listen to anytime, anywhere—God’s promises spoken to you in your heart language. Like water to a parched soul, this is the joy Navigator recipients feel the moment they receive their solar-powered audio device for the first time.

Desperate for the Word of God, a blind man used to call out for passersby to read him just a few words from the Bible. When he received a Navigator, he burst into tears. Finally, he had a Bible he could listen to at any time.

A devout Muslim living in a poor gypsy community in Albania, Elton was challenged by the kindness of a Christian who gave him a Navigator. After listening to the Word of God for the first time on the solar-powered device, he was moved by the Gospel—and gave his life to Christ.

With failing eyesight and atrophied fingers, the lepers of Andhra Pradesh, India, lived as outcasts. When they held the Navigator in their hands, their faces lit up with joy. This device became their greatest treasure, a vessel proclaiming God’s love to a people rejected by the world.

This year, you helped Leading The Way distribute 22,738 Navigators to more than 20 countries, nearing our 3-year distribution milestone of 100,000 Navigators. For each Navigator distributed, roughly 10 people have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Through your partnership God is:

freeing the prisioner

“Thank you. These audio Bibles are preaching to people in far-off countries—people you may never meet.” – Prisoner, ZAMBIA

equipping new christians

“After an encounter with a Christian, a Hindu religious leader gave his life to Christ. Dr. Youssef’s teaching on the Navigator has solidified his faith to follow Jesus.” – Field Worker, INDONESIA


“My family learned that I made a commitment to follow Christ. I was forbidden to leave home. My phone and computer were taken from me. This little Navigator was the only light in my darkness. Every word I heard ministered to my circumstances. I learned in those days what it means to feed yourself on the bread of life.” – ALBANIA


“One missionary said that when he visited homes, no one would ask questions. Now, after the Navigators were distributed, they keep asking him questions, giving him a chance to explain the way to eternal life in Christ Jesus.” – INDIA

Because of your love and generosity, the Good News of Christ’s love is reaching the unreached, healing the broken, and captivating the lost.

Truth in a time of confusion

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