Notes from Our Inbox: November 2016
Nov 23, 2016
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Each month Leading The Way receives encouraging testimonies from all over the world. Just as they are a tremendous encouragement to our team, we hope that their words will be an inspiration to you and an answer to your prayers for Leading The Way.

Hands on a Bible

"I'm a Muslim, but would like to thank you for your amazing channel."


"I'm a Muslim, but I would love to thank you for your amazing channel."

united states:

"I have been very depressed and have begun doubting my salvation. . . . Then, tonight I listened to Dr. Youssef's sermon. His words definitely hit home! I was very touched by his caution against self-condemnation because I am very bad about doing that to myself. I read the passage in 2 Corinthians 12 with new eyes and realized how right he was. I really needed the advice he gave in this sermon and I'm just writing to say 'Thank you very much!'"

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"It has been always my dream to study the Bible in depth. I am so grateful for your great program

united states:

"Six weeks before her passing, my mother started listening to your DVDs on the 12 Evidences of Faith. I would go in and find her asleep in front of the TV and think that she wasn't even listening. However, the Holy Spirit was at work. A few days later she asked me to sit down and talk. In that conversation she confessed that she always considered herself a Christian because she was raised in the church, but God had revealed to her a fundamental truth: that a head knowledge of God cannot replace a faith in God. At the eleventh hour of her life she placed her faith in her Savior. In the last weeks her life was a testimony of God's ever-present desire that none should perish and that it is never too late."

middle east:

"I am a big fan and a devoted follower of THE KINGDOM SAT channel mainly because the channel helps spread the Gospel to the world. I ask God to give THE KINGDOM SAT team the strength to continue to spread His Word throughout the world."