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A Revival of Truth: THE KINGDOM SAT Turns Nine
Mar 1, 2018
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In the Middle East and North Africa, 93% of the population is Muslim—roughly 317 million people. Bible-believing churches are scarce, leaving Christians isolated in the midst of a hostile culture. But over the last 9 years, a beacon of hope has been shining into this darkness.

But over the last 9 years, a beacon of hope has been shining into this darkness.


THE KINGDOM SAT is Leading The Way's 24/7 satellite TV channel in the region. This month, THE KINGDOM SAT celebrates 9 years of reaching into closed coun­tries with Biblical Truth. By God's grace, we have seen the underground church multiply and a vast spectrum of viewers drawn to Christ—from young students to former ISIS leaders. Just consider this encouraging testimony:

"I was born a Muslim but now I have found that Christ is the true God. I did not know how to pray, but your programs have helped me. Thank you."

We are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to obey His Great Commission call to disciple all nations—especially now, when the need for Gospel proclamation is only increasing. Recently, we heard from our field team that persecution is on the rise:

"The situation here is worsening. The authorities are threatening to close all rented buildings that are being used as churches. One affected church has about 1,800 members."

As persecution intensifies, please pray for the church in the region, for our broadcasts as they reach into the homes of those seeking Truth, and for our field teams who are ministering on the ground. Through your partnership with Leading The Way, God is fanning the flame of revival in this region of the world—and this is only the beginning.

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