Nov 2, 2019

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"You are helping many like me to have the victory of Jesus Christ."

Because of the war, I left Syria and came to Lebanon. My fear drove me to be a fanatic for the god of Islam. He had limits and commands that made me feel safe. But something in my heart told me I needed something more.

My search started by reading the Gospel. I was scared because Muslims say that whoever reads the Bible gets bewitched. I was afraid that I would make God angry and my heart would lose connection with Him altogether.


"Thank God, the Lord saved me from being pulled in by terrorists."

Nevertheless, I began reading the Bible, . . . and I realized that there is a God who speaks to me. I made the decision to leave the one who scares me and follow the one who wants a relationship with me. Thank God, the Lord saved me from being pulled in by terrorists.

But my old mentality kept pulling me back. I was fearful that I wasn’t doing enough for God. I had heard of the Holy Spirit, and I kept asking to be filled by Him. But every time, I felt fear standing against me.

Then I started watching Dr. Michael Youssef on THE KINGDOM SAT TV channel. Dr. Youssef taught me how to accept a new lifestyle of growth in Jesus Christ.

He taught me that the secret of living is not doing this or that. The most important thing is to surrender the steering wheel of my life to God. With Christ, there is no fear.

Sometimes, I don’t feel God’s presence, and Satan tempts me to doubt. But I remember the compassion of Jesus. I have learned that He may allow temptations to come to us so that we can experience great victory. As Dr. Youssef says, "In Him, we are strong."

To those who support Leading The Way, I want to tell you that you are helping get the message of Jesus Christ to millions of people around the world. You allow THE KINGDOM SAT to be the church to those who live in countries that have no churches. You allow them to hear His voice, open their heart, accept Him, and escape from hell. In this way, you are helping many like me to have the victory of Jesus Christ in the midst of war. And to Dr. Youssef, I want to say thank you for your encouragement. Your messages have helped me understand that the fear in my mind is not from me, but from Satan.

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