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Navigators: Reaching the Spiritually Hungry
Nov 4, 2019
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Can you imagine hearing the Gospel for the first time in your heart language? For many people in hard-to-reach places, this moment has not yet come. Through the Leading The Way Navigator, you can help reach people like Dona, a young woman from Indonesia who says:

"Thanks to the Navigator, I have found the real God."

This solar-powered device is:

  • Durable
  • Simple to use
  • Small and easy to conceal
  • And one device reaches an average of 10 people

This year, you helped us get 13,708 Navigators into 9 countries with a potential reach of 130,000+ people. Just imagine what it must be like for 130,000 people to now have access to God's Word!

Arab woman in desert

The estimated impact of 100,000 devices equals roughly one million souls reached!

Navigator device


Loaded with the Bible and Dr. Youssef's teaching programs in one of 26 languages, Leading The Way's Navigator audio devices are a proven method of evangelizing and discipling people in remote and unreached regions. In the coming years, we want to reach more souls for Christ by targeting two strategic regions with this incredible tool.
World map showing locations of large Muslim populations


As part of our strategic Vision 2025 initiative, Leading The Way is striving to distribute 100,000 Navigators to those without access to modern technologies. For many, this is the only access they will ever have to God's Word. The estimated impact of 100,000 devices equals roughly one million souls reached!

Will you join us as we get the Gospel into the hardest-to-reach areas on earth?