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Does Your Gift Matter?: Najat's Story (South Sudan)
Jan 2, 2023
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You give. You pray. But does your partnership with Leading The Way actually make a difference?

In far-off lands and just across the street, many are turning on their radio, television, computer, or phone and meeting with the living God for the very first time as they hear Dr. Youssef's messages. As they come to Christ and reach out to us, your partnership then enables us to disciple and care for them through our global network of trained, on-the-ground counselors and pastors. Their stories are the heartbeat of our ministry together. Through your gifts, your prayers, and your sacrifice, people like Najat from South Sudan are changed forever. She shares:

As a partner with Leading The Way, you are co-laboring with God as He draws people from all over the world to Himself.

"I was so angry with God when my mother got sick because she was the only bread winner for our family. As a result, she could not afford to send me to college as she didn't have the means to meet our basic needs. Life was so hard and complicated.

"One day, I found your KINGDOM SAT TV channel and listened to Dr. Michael Youssef preaching about doubting the Lord. Listening to his words was the turning point in my life. I discovered that I needed God. I found myself repenting of my sins and prayed with Dr. Youssef, who then urged me to discover who I am in Christ. From that moment, my life has been completely changed. I have found a peace that I have never experienced before.

"[Now], a year later, I am attending college and feel that joy has filled my life. I praise the Lord for THE KINGDOM SAT. Your broadcasts were the reason that I came to know Christ—my true Redeemer. He will never forsake me."

Your gift mattered to Najat. It mattered to Chris. And it matters to untold others who are poised to hear the Gospel through Dr. Youssef's messages—and receive the peace of Christ forever.

God takes your partnership and turns mountains of impossibilities into altars of praise—and He does all this through your support. As a partner with Leading The Way, you are co-laboring with God as He draws people from all over the world to Himself.


Are you looking for opportunities to support God's work around the world in 2023? You can stand with Dr. Michael Youssef each month as a Frontline Mission Partner—and watch as God uses your gifts each month to transform lives for eternity.

Here are 7 ways we see God poised to work through your partnership. In 2023, Leading The Way is preparing to:

1. Host 5 Evangelistic Celebrations—including Middle Georgia (March 2023), Ireland, Egypt, Australia, and New England.

2. Transport more solar-powered Navigators into Saudi Arabia to support the underground church.

3. Reach Spanish speakers all across North and South America through our new weekly program on Daystar Español.

4. Evangelize viewers in the U.S. through Finding True Peace commercials on major cable networks.

5. Reach Muslims in America for Christ through local, door-to-door evangelistic outreaches in California, Florida, and Texas.

6. Disciple new believers in the Middle East and North Africa through new, indigenous Bible-based programming.

7. Proclaim the Gospel in 28 languages through TV and radio programs, online outreaches, and solar-powered Navigators.

Your monthly partnership will fuel this life-changing ministry with an impact that will reverberate in eternity.

Become a monthly Frontline Mission Partner with Leading The Way and make an eternal impact.