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Equipping Pastors for Their Greatest Battle
Jul 2, 2018
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BROOKLYN, NY — "If there is a call on your life and mine, it is to contend for the faith. We don't water it down. We don't modify its power. We don't break its sting. . . . It is better to speak Truth that hurts than to spew falsehood that comforts, then kills."

"If there is a call on your life and mine, it is to contend for the faith."

At the annual Salem Pastors' Event on May 10, Dr. Youssef shared one of his most impassioned messages yet—an urgent call for pastors to remain faithful to the Truth of Christ. And the response was overwhelming: Hundreds of pastors flooded the altar for prayer following Dr. Youssef's invitation.

The message was clear: Do not compromise God's Word to appease the masses. "The fiercest battle we are facing in the church today is universalism and the denial of the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ," Dr. Youssef shared. "Our greatest enemy is not jihadists or the secular media, but Christian leaders who water down the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

In an age when 25 to 40 percent of professing Christians believe that Jesus is not the only way to salvation, Leading The Way is lovingly proclaiming the undiluted Truth of Christ. Together with our ministry partners around the world, we will continue to reach the lost, encourage believers, and empower pastors to declare "the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27, ESV).

*Photo by Ryan Edwards