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Ask Dr. Youssef: "What happens the moment someone is 'born again'?"
Jun 3, 2022

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"What happens the moment someone is 'born again'?"

The grace of God transforms everything.


Once we accept the gift of God's grace, three amazing things take place:

  1. God delivers us from the defeat of the past. As children of Adam, we are born dead in our sins (see Romans 5:12-14). But the grace of God erases the sins of the past and heals the "dis-grace" of our genetic sin disorder, making us children of God.
  1. God gives us a victorious life in the present. God makes us "alive with Christ" (see Ephesians 2:4-5)—which means the "sin genes" we inherited from Adam no longer control our daily lives. Though we still sin, our desire is to serve God. Though we have trouble in this fallen world, we have true peace with God. We are connected to a heavenly power source—the Holy Spirit—that enables us to live as God intended.
  2. God gives us a thrilling future. First, He gives us a bright future in this life by making our daily lives meaningful and purposeful. We no longer merely exist, but we truly live to serve Him. Second, He gives us a future in eternity with Him that will be full of unending adventure, joy, and pleasure in His presence.

Hallelujah! Past, present, and future—the grace of God transforms everything. When we truly know Him, intimately and personally, everything changes.

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