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Ask Dr. Youssef: "How did you come to Christ?"
Apr 2, 2023
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"How did you come to Christ?"

On March 4, 1964, I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.


From early childhood, I was the rebellious one. I lied, misled my parents, and attended church with great reluctance. Everything changed when my brother agreed to help me with my math homework, on one condition: I would have to go to an evangelistic meeting with him. I was willing to promise anything for his help, but I hatched a plan to bring some friends so we could laugh at the preacher.

That night, a Lebanese evangelist preached about God's patience with wayward children. I could feel his eyes boring into mine as he warned us, "One day, God's patience will run out! You have a door open today. Enter through it."

As I listened to the evangelist, I forgot to laugh at him. It was the first time I had really listened to a preacher. Every sentence seemed to speak to me. My friends sat beside me, but I don't know if they laughed or listened. I heard only the message being preached.

When the evangelist finished his sermon, he asked those of us who wanted to experience God's forgiveness to come forward. I was the first one to respond. That night my life was changed forever. On March 4, 1964, I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I was 16 years old.

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