Episode 206: Uncover Your True Identity in Christ: Melissa Kruger

Jonathan welcomes a special guest to Candid Conversations this week – Melissa Kruger. She is an author, speaker, the Vice President of Discipleship Programming for The Gospel Coalition, and a woman with a heart to help others uncover their true identity in Christ. She has a knack for connecting with women right where they are, with wisdom deeply rooted in the truths of the Bible. 

Melissa has dedicated her life to helping women understand their identity in Christ. She firmly believes that when we understand who we are in Him, we unlock a whole new level of purpose, grace, and strength. Through her teachings, her writings, and this candid conversation, she's here to guide us along that journey.

Grab a coffee, settle in, and get ready to delve deep into meaningful discussions and transformative truths. Take a few minutes to listen now to a conversation that might change your life. 

Discover more about Melissa Kruger. 

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