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7 Years of THE KINGDOM SAT: Arabic Worship Medley
Mar 18, 2015
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Our satellite TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT is 7 years old this month! To celebrate, we wanted to share THE KINGDOM SAT's most popular video on YouTube a beautiful worship medley in Arabic. The lyrics are below.

"In my life and death, I am dedicated to God"

"The Lord Is Near to Those Who Call Upon Him" / "Stay With Me"

The Lord is near to those who call upon him
He is not far away as they claim
He is not unfamiliar with all they suffer from
He is the one who called all those who labor
To comfort them from their heavy laden
To wipe off tears from every sad heart

Hadn't he lived on the run
Hadn't he experienced pain in temptation
Hadn't he resurrected to give us life

He loved the tax collectors
Stayed with fishermen
Forgave sinners like me

He fulfilled the needs of the needy
Walked around doing good
Died to carry the shame of the sinners
In front of a tomb, He was weeping
At the night of His death, he was kneeling down

How come I wouldn't trust Him!
Would I doubt His love!
My Father who loved me unto death

Stay with me, my Master
The day is about to end
There is no strength to pursue living
Life is disappearing
And it is time to sleep in death

If I pass through the valley of weeping
Your presence surrounds me
In my life and death, I am dedicated to God

Where, O death, your victory
Where, O tomb, your authority
I got the crown of victory
Because my Lord is my victor