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Hope for the Heart of Georgia: Evangelistic Celebrations Begin
Feb 2, 2023
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As we enter a new year, all eyes now shift to Middle Georgia—a region in need of fresh spiritual revival and healing. By the grace of God, the Lord is working through your partnership to unite believers from every background under the banner of the Gospel—fulfilling the Great Commission at this unique place and time in history.

Through the Hope for the Heart of Georgia Evangelistic Celebration, churches from across ethnic and denominational lines are coming together to evangelize the lost and see their community transformed by the Gospel. The movement will continue to build until it culminates in Dr. Youssef preaching the Gospel on March 24-25 at the Macon Coliseum. Afterward, all new believers will be connected with local churches—a key aspect of the Celebration's goal to make disciples. Even as you read this, believers from all across Georgia are being trained to evangelize, disciple, and minister to those who will be attending the Evangelistic Celebration.

Pastors and church leaders in the region are already calling this Celebration an answer to many years of prayer.


"We are not coming to take people from the local churches," Dr. Youssef says, "but to add people to them."

Pastors and church leaders in the region are already calling this Celebration an answer to many years of prayer for Middle Georgia. As the next several weeks unfold, please join us in prayer for God to use this Evangelistic Celebration—and every aspect of its mobilization, proclamation, and follow-up efforts—to save the lost, build the church, and glorify the name of Jesus. And as you are able, give today to fuel upcoming Evangelistic Celebrations in key places, including Ireland, New England, and Egypt this fall.


An Evangelistic Celebration is not a one-night event, but a year-long process that begins and ends with the local church. As we look ahead to the March outreach in Macon, Georgia, these are some of the stepping stones God sovereignly aligns in order for this intensive, city-wide, evangelistic outreach to take place. In order to truly make disciples, churches must be mobilized, believers must be trained in advance, and those who come to Christ at the Evangelistic Celebration must be grafted into the church community to ensure they are cared for and nurtured spiritually.

  • June 2022 – INVITATION: Pastors extend official invitation for Dr. Youssef to join them in reaching the Middle Georgia community.
  • Sept 2022 – PRAYER MEETING: Local community unites in prayer for the Evangelistic Celebration.
  • Oct 2022 – KICKOFF RALLY: Over 450 believers gather to hear how to reach Middle Georgia through the Evangelistic Celebration.
  • Nov 2022 – PREPARATION: Pastors and church leaders begin mobilizing their churches to invite loved ones and prepare for the follow-up process.
  • Dec 2022 – YOUTH RALLY: Young people gather to discover more about the Evangelistic Celebration.
  • Feb 2023 – TRAINING: Three-week Evangelism and Discipleship training classes begin at participating churches.
  • March 24-25, 2023 – EVANGELISTIC CELEBRATION: Thousands will gather at the Macon Coliseum to hear the Gospel and respond to Dr. Youssef's invitation to salvation.
  • March 26, 2023 – DISCIPLESHIP (ONGOING): Local churches will begin the long-term process of discipling those who came to Christ at the Celebration.

Will you please join us in prayer for our team as they prepare for this inaugural event? We look forward to sharing how God moves in Middle Georgia as a result of your prayers and partnership!

Stand with Dr. Michael Youssef and Leading The Way so we can continue this vital work.